Customer Service Strategy

We’ve made it to day 3 of Customer Service Week and today’s theme is Customer Service Strategy.  Now, this story may be stretching the point in that I’m not sure that the business in question has thought about their approach to customers in a strategic way but let’s run with it.

I was in need of a chemists and as I was driving through Coxhoe anyway, I pulled up outside a shop showing the green cross of a pharmacy.  I walked up to the door only to find it locked.  A man standing outside pointed out helpfully that they were closed for lunch, to which I replied, rather tongue in cheek, with ‘what kind of place is this?’

‘A rather old fashioned one’, came his reply ‘and somewhat in keeping with the town itself.’

It was a couple of minutes to two and sure enough, bang on the hour an assistant came and unlocked the doors.  I got what I came in for and as I left I got to thinking about the last time that I had been anywhere that had shut for lunch.  It must have been many moons ago.  Indeed, the last business that I ever worked for where ewe shut was in Galashiels back in the eighties.

Was it wrong of them?  I wasn’t sure.  Until then I hadn’t thought about what used to be a very common occurrence.  There was a time when everyone shut for lunch and in my home town most places were shut on a Thursday afternoon.  In this hurly burly world it was nice to see that people actually took the time to stop and eat their lunch. They weren’t a one-man band and the would have been able to cover the lunch break yet this may have meant some lone working

The street outside wasn’t awash with shoppers either, though there was clearly enough custom to keep a reasonably large chemists open.  I doubt they relied upon passing trade and so perhaps their approach was right.  In their circumstances the customer accepted and even expected them to take lunch.  Some things can just wait after all.

Perhaps their strategy is right in that they deliver against what the market is wanting.  The assistant that served me certainly gave a good old fashioned service.

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