Day 10 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

For J I could have gone with Jackman but there aren’t many of us about. There’s that Hugh fellow who has done very well for himself but I’m not a great film buff and so don’t know much about him. There is a Danny who is an English footballer, a couple of Davids in art and politics and a Robin who is a cricketer. What there are of us is spread thinly across the English speaking nations and are, with the exception of Marion an Australian squash player and Mary and Irish politician, predominantly white men.

Not the richest vein for a theme.

Instead I’m going to talk about justify. The older I get the more I realise that adults can justify anything. They can talk themselves into whatever they want, a new laptop, that pair of shoes, the unaffordable holiday or the last piece of cake.

How often have you heard; it was a bargain; I just had to get away; you simply can’t function these days without one or; I’ve tried to give up but it is so hard?

Yet these are just trivial things and adults can convince themselves to do much worse. The world is full of conflict. Every day a new skirmish seems to start. Somewhere, someone feels aggrieved enough to pick up a weapon and starts to kill people and before you know it they’ve taken sides and one group is facing another in a deadly game.

Someone has to do the dirty work. If I didn’t then others would. It’s the only language that they’ll understand. I was only following orders.

It is twenty years since the genocide in Rwanda.

I know I’m being melodramatic and there is a gulf of difference between starting a war and wanting another pair of shoes but deep down they start by us managing to convince ourselves that we are right. Once we adults have made our minds up we can be very difficult to shift. We can’t turn back or change tack for fear of looking weak or losing face.

All I ask is that before we justify our own actions we look into ourselves for a little longer, just to make sure.

3 thoughts on “Justify

  1. Great post, Phil. It’s interesting that when we do what we set out to do, we seldom think of why we are doing it. All the justification is usually before the event, to prime us so to speak, and after the event, to rationalize our action. Your last message has a lot of meaning. I wish people who act in haste would read this.

  2. As you are aging or shall i say, as you are getting wiser day by day – what is that you are doing to become a unconvincing or open to ideas or a clean slate.

    BTW i am big time fan of Huge Jackman, and the surname itself made me check out your blog ;p

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