Who put them in charge?

Who put celebrity chefs in charge?  It seems that I can’t switch on the television now without seeing their beaming faces telling us what we should be eating.  They’re chopping, they’re stirring, they’re mixing and they’re cooking.  It’s cheap TV, easy to produce and easy to watch.  It mixes characters with ingredients and has a guaranteed outcome.  It’s easier to watch someone else cook than to slave over the dishes yourself.  I’m certain that more turkeys have been cooked on television over this festive period than will be consumed on Christmas day.

Celebrity chefs are everywhere.  No longer confined to behind a stove they are appearing on chat shows and hosting their own travelogues.  The celebrity chef is in vogue, they are the arbiters of public opinion and they are even making the headline news.  This is their zenith.

But it will pass.  Every dog has its day and they should enjoy it while they can.

Not so long ago it was the interior designer that was the pace setter.  You were nothing if you couldn’t whittle a piece of MDF, slop on some paint or set out fabrics to create a perfect mix of warming tones.  Our TVs were once filled with the make-over show but not now.  They have bitten the dust, landed on the cutting room floor only to be seen as day-time repeats on the lesser known channels.

Then came the house experts who rode the property bubble and showed us how to make a fortune through speculation.  We could all buy into the notion that homes were made of cash rather than places in which to live and we lapped up the hours and hours of video tape.  There were spin-offs that showed you how to swap your rat-race existence for a bucolic lifestyle in a country retreat or better still to release your capital, down size and to buy your obligatory second home on the Costas.

And they have gone the same way.  What will be next in the endless need to fill our 24 hour need for entertainment?

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