The best job I never had

Every year I get caught up in the phenomenon that is Strictly Come Dancing.  I don’t know why because I don’t normally like those kind of shows and I’m not normally taken in by the cult of celebrity.  Everything on television seems to be a competition these days with X Factor, Great British Bake Off and Master Chef to name just a very small few and I don’t usually like these programmes either. But ‘Strictly’ has something different for me.  Perhaps it’s the glamour, the sparkle or I simply enjoy the dancing. Who knows?

During the run up to Christmas my Saturday nights are something to look forward to.  I settle myself down to an hour and a bit of pure escapism.  I’m so hooked that I even watch the weekly catch up show ‘It Takes Two’.  Each day there is a different theme.  Monday has the couple that have been knocked out the previous evening.  Tuesday has the couple that have survived the dreaded dance off.  Wednesday lets us see how the dancers are getting on under the expert guidance of one of the professionals and Friday has a guest panel to give their views.

But the best night is Thursday.  That’s the day when Vicky Gill comes on to give us a sneak preview of the costumes that will be worn on the coming Saturday night. She must have one of the best jobs in the world and it is a real pleasure to witness her enthusiasm for what she and her team do.  Every week she has to design an outfit for each of the couples as well as a variety of others for the show dances.

She must be under enormous pressure to produce as many as a hundred different costumes each week but the opportunity to take inspiration from a performance, create her works of art and have then seen by an adoring audience of millions throughout the series must give her such a buzz. 

Every week she has a whole new set of challenges but every week she gets closure and can look forward to the next set of costumes to create.  She has the ultimate support service job.  The professionals may be the talent, the contestants may be the stars but it is Vicky and her costumes that make the show.

I’m sure it’s very hard but she has the best job ever.  Not bad for a lass from Stanley.

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