Pieris and Dandelions

The Pieris is doing very well in the garden this year (I say the garden rather than my garden as I cannot take any credit for it!).  Its new growth is flaming red, a vermillion and so bright that it seems to illuminate the garden just as the sun goes down.  I’ve never seen it so evanescent.  It really has been beautiful this season.  Apparently it’s named after a place in Greece where the Muses live.

The Dandelions are also doing well this year.  They seem to be everywhere.  All of the grass verges and bits of parkland are covered in the brightest of yellows.  Oh and the Bleeding Heart is looking fabulous too.  I wouldn’t want to leave that out.

But then other plants aren’t doing so well.  The Lilac, which was overflowing with flowers at this time last year, is still waiting for an opportune moment to burst out and the Hydrangea is hanging back too.

I can’t begin to describe the myriad of tiny differences between last growing season and this one.  Some are obvious such as the temperature but there must be many more that have come together to make this year ideally suitable for the Pieris, the Dandelions and the Bleeding Heart but not so great for the others.  Last year was so different and I’m certain that next year will be so too.

I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon in business as well however.  Each year some businesses, at least in the ones that seem to have been around for ever, do better than others.  They go into a purple patch, or is it vermillion?  Morrison’s, the food store (in my humble opinion I am quick to add) is making hay at the moment while Tesco looks like it has lost its way a little.  New Look was leading the way in high street fashion a couple of seasons ago but for me it’s collections don’t seem quite as exciting this year.  Perhaps that is just me getting old though. 

Is there something happening here?  Does the sum of all of the tiny differences add up to affect each business’ relative success in the same way that the plants in the garden are affected?  If we are all affected by the natural physical cycles that go on around us then why not?  And if it is affecting the high street names then it must be affecting my own business as well.

Different teams and functions will wax and wane then wax again despite the continuous efforts of its members and this kind of oscillation must have its basis in this natural phenomenon.  I’m not suggesting that I use this as a way to take my eye off the ball and somehow accept poor performance but I think I will allow myself to be a little more philosophical and realise that not everything can be perfect all of the time.  It is clearly just not natural.

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