Some applications you may have missed

Some applications you may have missed

With so many new applications available for the iPhone here are a few that may have passed you by:

iBrows – An application that allows you to match pictures of eye brows to famous celebrities with hilarious results.  Available in HD.

iWash – This software automatically completes and mails the relevant details to your insurance company when you accidently leave your phone in your jeans and put them through the spin cycle.

iMouth – Lists interesting things to do and places to visit, including opening times, entry fees and special offers in and around a small Scottish fishing village just off the A1 north of Berwick.

iDo – A wedding related app with a high probability of leading to marriage.

iSdown – A Bingo app that helps you lose a small fortune in the company of friends that you never really had.  It comes with a £20 free play introductory offer.

iDe-hi – An online interactive multi-player game where you build and ultimately try to escape from a 50’s holiday camp outside Ayr.

iDon’tbelieveit  – An application of reruns of the best bits of actor Richard Wilson’s career which you can re-sequence into your own comedy show with hilarious consequences.

iDerdown – This software warms the phone so that it can be used as a hot water bottle when your partner / significant other / pet dog steals the duvet.  Beware that this application is very heavy on battery use.

iLiner – Software that draws meaningless straight lines on your screen.

iSayisay – Records all of the funny things that happen to you on the way to the Apple Store which you can share with all of your other iPhone friends through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and  other social media.

iDigress – Listens in to dull conversations and interjects with one-liners that are guaranteed to completely throw the talker off track.

iPatch – Not really an application, this piece of leather strap allows you to wear your iPhone over one eye if you are having sight problems.

iSright – An application specially designed for all military personal that helps you to learn the etiquette surrounding your passing out parade.

iContact – Lists important things that you should remember about people you know.  Simply hold the camera to their face and it tells you the names of their children, favourite colour, star sign and what they would be if they were an animal.

iPhone – A really useful application that allows you to phone people.


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