Dark matter

Can you feel the gravity?  Can you feel its pull, holding you back, dragging you down and sapping your energy? 

It is dark matter.  You can feel it but you can’t see it.  It surrounds you, it is everywhere.  It’s the bulk of the organisation that you find yourself in.  It’s hidden in the open plan offices, it’s hidden in the reception and it’s hidden in the workshops.  You can’t see it but you know it’s there.  It is stopping you moving forward, stopping the change that is needed, scuppering your plans and taking the wind out of your sails. It’s the sludge around your leaden feet, a sucking mud that draws the fight out of you. It’s the whispers in the corridor, the sneering laugh behind a closing door, the decision that goes against you like a kick in the stomach.  It’s a weak force but with a long reach, a very long reach that winds its way into your mind to unnerve you, to trip you up, to show your weaknesses and open up your fresh wounds, your cicatrices.

Don’t try to understand it, you just need to fight it, you need to rise above it, you need to rail against it with all your might and you need to pick up your velocity to make your escape.  But it is hard.  It’s hard because the dark matter is the essence of the organisation, the culture, the unwritten code by which it operates which everyone understands but no one knows, never documented and never codified.  Many have tried to question it, tried to beat it and many have failed but they were not you.

 Ignite your main rockets, light your thrusters and throw all the energy you have to fight its pull.  The further you put it behind you the weaker its force will be.  Burn the fuel, check your dials, scorch the earth and pull yourself away from its grasping clinging cloying power.

But don’t forget it, it is always there ready to draw you back down into the mire and beware because you can’t see it.  It is dark matter.

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