Human transformation

The human species is undergoing a transformation, our bodies are morphing through genetic mutation driven by social and environmental change.  These changes are subtle, hardly noticeable at first but cumulative over time.  In a few hundred years our bodies will look significantly different through a process of sexual selection and the survival of the adaptable.  Of the thousands of pressures and incentives to change a few will end up reformatting and re-modelling our frames.

Our thumbs will be bigger and stronger, more able to type and text on our smartphones.  They will be faster, more agile and more flexible, driven by a need to share more information across our wider social networks.  The ability to text will be attractive to the opposite sex.  Being members of wider social networks will present us with greater opportunities for sexual encounters, we will poke more friends and in this way selection will take over and will do its bidding.

Our ears will be flattened, especially on one side to improve the connection with the flat glass of our phones.  At first there will be a move towards a bending of our neck joints, a deformity in our spinal structure allowing us to jam the device between our shoulder and our ear.  Our eyes may even start to rotate around our faces to remain level while maintaining the new head angle, perhaps like a flat fish or perhaps like an image in a cubist painting.   But this is likely to be temporary.  The real breakthrough will come when the chance mutation occurs that changes the pinna to form a cup which shapes the cartilage in the outer ear to form a perfect seal with the glass and allows the creation of a slight vacuum which holds the phone against the ear without the need for hands.  How attractive would this be?  The ability to be always in touch, always connected will ensure the survival of the mutant form.

Our right hand will also see change.  The fingers will become evenly spaced and curved slightly inwards.  The wrist will be rotated so that the scaphoid and trapezium bones are on top and the whole hand will form a perfect receptacle for the cardboard covered waxed paper cups that hold the essential elixirs that fuel our modern existence, half fat mocha-choca-chino, chai-latte or Baihao Yinzhen tea, whatever takes your fancy.  No one will be seen at work, or on a train or at the theatre without a drink in their hand.  As soon as it is emptied it will be refilled.  We will soon forget what it was like to ever be without one and the phrase ‘warning may contain hot liquids’ will be a whispered sweet nothing between young lovers.

These are only a few of the ones we know about, the more obvious physical manifestations that bely the huge number of more subtle and internal changes that are transforming who we will be.  These may not sound too appealing but the link between success and sexual attraction is absolute.  What leads to success in the future will become sexually charged and will drive an inevitable genetic change.

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