The golden cat

The golden cat is sitting on the kitchen windowsill, just above the sink, waving its left paw.  No, not waving, beckoning as it’s a beckoning cat.  She is a beautiful cat or he is a handsome cat, either way it’s a fine cat with its glistering golden fur.  Let’s call it a he.

He’s beckoning to you, drawing you in through the kitchen door, drawing you in to his good fortune because he’s a fortune cat, a lucky cat.  He’s beckoning wealth into the house because he’s a money cat, a fat cat.  His left paw is raised and beckoning silently, in perfect time like a golden metronome.  On his chest he wears a green metallic breast plate, dandy and sparkling in the sun that shines in through the kitchen window.  He beckons in the sun because he is a golden cat with gilded fur that shines like the sun on earth, shines like the gold that is going to be in your pocket, shines like the golden coin that he holds in his right paw.  Around his neck is a red bejewelled collar, with a golden bell and a bow at the back, his golden crystalline back, like fools gold, pyrites, but he is no foolish cat.

His eyes are following you, his black eyes, he senses you with his whiskers, his long black whiskers.  You are drawn in, he’s beckoning you in to share in his good fortune.  He is haughty and proud because he knows he is going to bring you wealth or health or good luck, or all three.  

His arm is covered in Chinese letters, picked out in red that match his claws, his ears, his nose and his collar with the bow at the back.  Chinese letters but he’s not originally from China, he is from Japan, he’s a Maneki Neko, a Calico Japanese Bobtail cat, a beckoning cat.  A gift to be admired from an admirer, he is the pride of the kitchen windowsill, this handsome, golden beckoning cat.

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