Telling a story

The #CyberFest webinar with the North East Fraud Forum was another great event. All the speakers were enthralling, the technology worked well and I could probably fill several blogs with things I want to say. I’m going to start though with the presentation from Annabel Berry, CEO of Sapphire that came towards the end. We … Continue reading Telling a story

Things I’ve learned about running online events

Image thanks to Financial Express To be frank, I am Zoomed out. Like many people I have spent too long over the last few weeks staring at a screen or two, taking part in or running online events. #CyberFest hasn’t helped of course. Even though the events have been great, it has meant keeping alert … Continue reading Things I’ve learned about running online events

Mass extinction period

It ain't coming back Scientists have warned that wildlife is in catastrophic decline, with populations falling by two thirds in the last fifty years. We are in the sixth period of mass extinction that the earth has witnessed but the blame for this one can be placed firmly at humanity’s door. It won’t be long … Continue reading Mass extinction period

It’s all at the Co-op

I watched with interest the story unfolding about the advertising issue between the Co-op and The Spectator. For those of you who may not be aware of it, the Co-op has decided to stop advertising in The Spectator because of its transphobic articles. The Spectator got its dig in first by banning the Co-op  from … Continue reading It’s all at the Co-op