We’re all immigrants from somewhere

Other migrants are available Whenever things aren’t necessarily going their way the government can always rely on immigration to raly its supporters. It is one of the buttons that can be pressed to incite the tame press into action. The need for people to cross the channel in dinghies is indeed an issue but not … Continue reading We’re all immigrants from somewhere

A Benign Dictator

Over the last few months I have been in many conversations about the problems we have with democracy in this country, in that it is not democratic. Often people have said to me that they have lost faith in democracy and that it would be better to have a benign dictator, someone who is mild … Continue reading A Benign Dictator

Forget forecasts

The art of forecasting is falling out of favour. Its usefulness as a prediction of the future has come under severe pressure. This is especially true in the world of political forecasting and for one reason, forecasts in this sense are invariably wrong. They have now become synonymous with the other meaning of the word, … Continue reading Forget forecasts