I never realized how important reading was to me.  I always have three or four books on the go at once.  They are a useful source of entertainment and inspiration.  Here is what I am reading at the moment.


I think this must be the fourth Nesbo book that I have read, Once I pick them up I can’t put them down. Nesbo deals with the seedier side of life in and around Oslo, an image that is not often portrayed. Harry Hole may be a bit cliched but he works for me every time.  I am hooked once again.




Mass for Hard Times is the latest poetry book that I have picked up from the Northern Poetry Collection here in Morpeth. I think I will give them a while after this one. You don’t want too much of a good thing. RS Thomas’s collection sounded as if it had a religious theme and so it does yet they are interesting poems that challenge our place in the world and the assumptions that we make. I know that he is dead yet we have managed to connect via twitter. At least he will now know if his subjects were right.


Creating Free

This book is fundamentally challenging my views on the way that western democracies operate. Everyone should read it. Freedom is something that we strive for and often take for granted yet it is under threat as it never has been before. We have been lured into forms of control that we are, in large part, unaware of. In this book Martinez exposes the mechanisms of control that pervade our lives and the myths on which they depend. It is freedom that I seek.



Books by Latin American authors have a flavour of their own. They seem to have an intensity fueled by fervent passions, mysticism and superstition. They tell tales of a world I have never experienced, often cruel yet always with twists and turns of the story line that ties me, as a reader, in knots. Having said that one of my favourite books must be Aunt Julia and the Script Writer by Mario Vargas Llosa. Although I am only a few pages into this work by Carlos Fuentes, I am already captivated by his writing. It is beautiful prose that leaves you wanting more.