I never realized how important reading was to me.  I always have three or four books on the go at once.  They are a useful source of entertainment and inspiration.  Here is what I am reading at the moment.


Do you know when you feel like you have read a book before? Well, I do with Eric Ambler’s ‘Epitaph for a Spy’. A few pages in and I got that feeling yet it is still an exciting and gripping read and I can’t remember what happened. Perhaps I read it in another life!


benito pérez galdós_tristana 009


History and literature are fraught with men of insatiable appetites, who use their gifts of seduction to charm their way into many a bedroom. Tristana is a beautiful orphan whose family debts have been paid by the dubiously gallant Don Lope. You can see where this is going yet eventually she comes to her senses and begins to voice her desire to be free, to be the property of no man. Already, I am hooked.


knowledgeThe more and more ‘sophisticated’ society becomes the more and more difficult it becomes for any individual to survive should it totally fail. We have become so reliant upon the technology that we use, we are unable to live outside of the modern world. ‘The Knowledge’ by Lewis Dartnell isn’t a survivalist’s note book, there are plenty of these around, but more an encyclopedia or instruction book containing the things we will need to know if (or when) a global catastrophe affects us all. Chilling, yet could be very handy to have on your bookshelf.



My first foray into the work of Grevel Lindop. Beautiful and interesting poetry.






I must have read some Biggles when I was a young lad though I don’t recall it. They are the kind of  books that a lad who went to the kind of school I went to would have been expected to read. Very dashing and daring. These are not the kind of books that I would normally read but to improve my Dutch I thought it would try something for a younger audience in the hope that the language is a little easier to pick up. I bought this from the fabulous Barter Books in Alnwick. If you have never been there then you are missing out. As for the book, my plan is not working that well so far. Early days.