I never realized how important reading was to me.  I always have three or four books on the go at once.  They are a useful source of entertainment and inspiration.  Here is what I am reading at the moment.



Since antiquity, the most intense search for humanity has been to find the place where the soul resides.

Tales about what makes us human. How could I resist?





The book that started cyberspace and the matrix. The book that revolutionised science fiction.

The writing is full on, intense and creative. It may have been written in 1984 yet it feels as fresh as cryptocurrencies.

My first venture into cyberpunk and I am coming to the end of the first book in the trilogy. Gibson was way ahead of his time. He captures the thrill of today’s cyber adventures.


socialanimal‘Decision making is an inherently emotional business’ says David Brooks in what is another fantastic book. It describes how we, as a species, are so successful not just because of our large brains or our opposable thumbs but rather our extraordinary social skills. It is society and they way that we interact that sets us apart. I have known for a long time that we are feeling creatures that think rather than thinking creatures that feel. This book blows the myth that somehow our brains and body are disconnected and that logic drives us. This is ambrosia in prose. The more I read the more interesting it becomes. I am learning something new on every page.