Guerrilla Working Ltd – Ethical policy

The values and ethics of Guerrilla Working Ltd underpin the purpose of the business and how it operates.

The values of the company are:

  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Openness
  • Quality

The principles of this policy are:

  • To engage with organisations in a way that is mutually beneficial and at a cost that reflects the value derived by both parties.
  • As far as practical to deal with organisations that share similar values and ethics to the company and withdraw from arrangements where this is not possible.
  • To abide by and operate within the spirit of the law and to work with organisations that do the same.
  • To treat people with respect irrespective of their differences and expect suppliers and customers to do likewise.
  • To pay suppliers within terms and expect the same in return from customers.
  • To operate in ways that minimise the company’s impact on the environment.
  • To work with organisations to raise consideration of ethical perspectives and to promote corporate social responsibility.