I am a future thinking organizational mentor, facilitator and conciliator. With over thirty five years in management and twenty years in a senior leadership position in tech services I am open to lending my expertise to interesting opportunities and challenges.  

‘You cannot be a prophet in your own backyard’, as the saying goes and having some external challenge is vital in bringing different perspectives and challenges to the way that any organization is perceived.

I design a bespoke series of interventions, carried out over a two to three day period to identify and devise potential solutions to the opportunities and issues that are presented. The outcome is a series of activities that can be developed further.

Each engagement is specific to your organization and will include a variety of tools and techniques at either group or individual level including coaching, mentoring, self-assessment, diagonal-assessment, communications and engagement programmes.

My approach can be of use in a wide range of circumstances and, in particular, I believe I can help you with three areas:

Ideas busting

You are just about to invest hard earned money in a new idea.  How do you know that your idea is the right one? Is it something that your consumers are prepared to  pay for? Do you know the effect that it will have upon your existing business? Do you understand the associated risks?

Businesses run on ideas yet the human mind is lazy. It jumps to conclusions, is open to suggestion and gives up once an initial answer is achieved. To create good and workable ideas a process is required to understand their real implications.

By targeted questioning and exploration I will bring different perspectives to your thinking, challenge assumptions and act as a critical friend. Through a process of guided ideas generation and uncovering, a series of outputs is created that can be put back into a logical sequence of tasks and outcomes that will either convince you it is right to proceed, more research is needed or it is for another day.

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Strategy creation

When asked about their organization many people struggle to articulate its purpose. What is it trying to achieve and what is their role in delivering this are questions that most people do not stop to consider.  Instead they focus on the immediacy of their tasks.

Yet these questions go to the very essence of who we are and what we come to work to do.  The lack of understanding leads to a divergence from purpose and a loss in productivity.  This could be the difference between being successful and not.

Using diagonal, linear and horizontal groups I can help gauge the effectiveness of any vision, values and strategy that are in place. These can then be transformed into more meaningful and understandable strategic objectives, building upon the skills and aspirations of the current people and identifying areas for improvement.

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Organizational unblocking

Organizations can become disconnected from their purpose.  According to Dale Carnegie Training and MSW Research, ‘Engaging employees in the workplace is more vital to an organization’s success than ever before.’

As businesses grow bigger divisions are created, silos are formed and empires are built.  Baggage is created that an organization cannot afford to carry.  It holds everyone back from their true potential. Disconnection is demonstrated through:

  • Low levels of engagement leading to high turnover, unhealthy conflict and lacklustre performance.
  • Individuals misaligned with the purpose and values of the organization.
  • Constant cultural innovations that do not work.

This can affect all areas of an organization, C-suite, managers, operational teams or individuals.

Making the most of my engagement, management and leadership skills I can get beneath the skin of the organization in a way that no insider can. I can identify cultural issues that the business has become blind to and develop a set of tools that can be used reconnect the whole.

Everyone says that their most important asset is their people, so set them free.

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